Kremona Fiesta FC N/A

Who would expect us to have two Kremona guitars in at the same time? Well we didn’t, but we do!

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Eastman AR805 2007

Sporting a solid Spruce top and Hand-carved solid Maple back and sides, this lovely AR805 from Eastman delivers the Jazz goods.

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Saez Marin 1300 Classical Guitar

This little gem has proven to be a bit of a mystery. We have so far been unable to find out much about it.

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Taylor AD17e Black Top 2021

Built with solid ovangkol back and sides and a black, solid spruce top, the Grand Pacific AD17e asserts itself with a bold throwback aesthetic that complements its vintage-inspired tone.

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Taylor Standard Sunburst 2007

From the makers of some of the finest acoustic guitars around, come their line of solid body electrics. Fancy maple tops, with mahogany bodies, and full-size humbucker pickups. 

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Eastman 146 2007

A lovely jazz box for you hep cats out there. Thinline single cut, Spruce top and Maple back and sides, all solid and hand-carved, double humbucker Eastman Semi-hollow body. 

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