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The Lanikai TunaUke LUTU-21CEK Concert Ukulele offers an incredibly innovative design to mend the typical drawback of ukulele intonation. The reoccurring issue that’s been afflicted on ukuleles for years, poor intonation, has been resolved thanks to Lanikai Labs innovative design of the TunaUkes. As a ukulele player, you’ve probably noticed that your ukulele goes out of tune very easily and quite often, and it’s to no fault of your own. Lanikai realized that the solution to this common intonation problem was to integrate a compensated nut and moveable saddle into the design of the ukulele. Due to the variations in string tension and width, Lanikai recognized that in order counteract these crucial differences they need to compensate the distance between the first fret and the nut, ultimately resulting in a silky smooth sound. Typically, ukuleles employ either a straight saddle or compensated saddle, which are both huge contributors to this instruments notorious reputation for poor intonation. Lanikai found that the only plausible solution to this ongoing problem is to make use of adjustable saddles, allowing you to make on the fly intonation adjustments with no tools needed. These two ground-breaking features sets the TunaUkes apart from the rest of the pack and raises the bar for future ukulele design. The Lanikai LUTU-21CEK is a Concert size ukulele that features an all-mahogany body. The mahogany neck joins the body at the 12th fret and boasts dot inlays on a rosewood fingerboard with a rosewood bridge tying it all together.

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